Sentence Examples

  • This means that your trial period will likely only consist of a single batch of two games, but it does give you a sense of how the service works, what the packaging looks like, and what the turnaround time is.
  • Repair centers not only honor the warranties, but claim to offer low cost fixes (for those issues that aren't covered under warranty, such as problems that arise with regular daily use) and a quick turnaround.
  • Turnaround time between you returning a disc, and receiving a new game in the mail is usually less than a week, though, of course, this depends on your location relative to Canflix's distribution centre.
  • While the pant was once worn primarily during workouts, it performed a complete turnaround years later and became a fashion staple in women's wardrobes all over the world.
  • Understanding why teens attend troubled teen camps, types available, how to find them and choose the best one can start an amazing turnaround for your troubled teen.