Sentence Examples

  • The intermediate workout, "Ramp It Up!", is a more challenging 57 minutes of slightly more difficult fat-burning moves, and the third workout, "Burn It Up!", is a full 64 minutes of intense moves to make the most of the workout.
  • Not only that, but push ups can also be adapted to your current level of fitness and the difficulty can be progressively increased as your fitness levels ramp up.
  • Things like busting a number of balloons and jumping off a ramp the farthest offer good replay value because you're always trying to do better than the top score.
  • Whether snowboarding, skateboarding, or engaging in general wild feats, Dirty Dog fans anticipate danger, which is why they need sunglasses that will not crack, shatter, or shrink in terror as they descend the skate ramp.
  • Even if you don't like the strong flavor of the portabella, putting small-cap mushrooms into your diet through tomato-based sauces, pizzas and other dishes really will ramp up the amount of B vitamins you receive.