Sentence Examples

  • His father provided unwavering support, driving him to numerous skate contests in California, building skate ramps and even founding the California Amateur Skateboard League and the National Skateboard Association.
  • A couple times while playing Major Ruin (an elemental with the ability to turn himself into a ball and roll and jump across ramps), there were areas that seemed impossible to get through even with his skills.
  • F186GUBST Ocean Angler: This variation boldly ramps it up a few notches with extra sports options like a double layer bulletproof mineral crystal, a screw down crown, a subdial and a tide indicator.
  • Playground equipment for special needs: Playground equipment is available with specially adapted, double-width slides, ramps, tunnels, or bridges to make caregiver assistance easy.
  • Medical Home Improvements: Expenses associated with installing ramps, lowering countertops or making doorways wider to accommodate a wheelchair can be claimed against your income.