Sentence Examples

  • For an outdoor day wedding, or if as the bride you're the only one that wants her hair to be elaborately styled, having the bridesmaids sport waves will make your bridal party look polished and not overdone.
  • Known for its over-the-top, fearless fashions, the '80s embraced vibrant colors and a generally overdone, exaggerated spirit that made itself known on everything from big hairstyles to extravagant color combinations.
  • While it is not unheard of for a bride to be 'overdone' in regards to cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories, the use of a bridal tiara in and of itself certainly does not mean a bride is going overboard.
  • Ideally, the vows should be between 250 and 500 words, which is equivalent to a 2 to 4 minute speech: shorter vows may seem rushed and insincere, and longer vows will seem too drawn out and overdone.
  • Although the fashions of this era could be a little garish and overdone, when done in a contemporary way, men can easily incorporate some 80s-inspired fashions into their current wardrobes.