Sentence Examples

  • Too much vitamin D through toxicity or an overdose can cause the body to experience high levels of blood calcium, which can then be deposited in the heart and lungs, reducing their functioning and endangering an individual's health.
  • It has weaker opiate effects than other forms of treatment, is less likely to cause overdose problems, has a lower level of dependence, and is thought to cause less respiratory depression than other opioid treatments.
  • While the details are still disputed -- was it overdose? murder? how exactly did his girlfriend find him? -- what's clear is that the music world lost a great guitarist who may have had decades more genius to offer.
  • When Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy results were released, it said her February 8, 2007 death was from an accidental overdose of "methadone, anti-anxiety and weight-reducing drugs and, possibly, vitamins, among other substances."
  • In the early 2000s SSRIs have replaced tricyclic antidepressants as the drugs of choice in the treatment of depressive disorders, primarily because of their improved tolerability and safety if taken in overdose.