Sentence Examples

  • And throughout the crucifixion narratives, though the suffering is quietly understated, it is equally clear.
  • It's an understated, slow-paced ballad with a pleasant melody, and some lovely acoustic guitar refrains.
  • The fresh-faced appeal of understated eye makeup is one that can easily be pulled off for every day with a flesh colored eye shadow, a brown or other medium neutral liner on the top eye, and two coast of mascara on curled lashes.
  • T-Touch Expert Titanium: An understated yet elegant facade stylishly mutes the watch's ability to provide options such as weather reports, altimeter readings, a compass and alarm functions by touching the watch's crystal.
  • In fact, a designer's color palette can truly distinguish the designer on the runway, which is why Prada will always be associated with "Prada Pink", a muted and understated pink tone that conquered the runway years ago.