Sentence Examples

  • I'll do new potatoes and roasted root vegetables.
  • The process in this case is to ained take a thin plate of metal and beat it into another plate Grounds of similar metal, so that the two, though welded together, retain their separate forms. The mass, while still hot, is coated ~-ith hena-tsuchi (a kind of marl) and rolled in straw ash, in which state it is roasted over a charcoal fire raised to glowing heat with the bellows.
  • Some of the roasted ore is strewed upon it, and, after a quarter of an hour's working, the whole is taken out on the work-stone, where the lead produced runs off.
  • The charge of the retorts consists of a mixture of 1100 lb of roasted calamine and 550 lb of dry powdered coal per furnace.
  • The paschal lamb is no longer eaten but represented by the shank bone of a lamb roasted in the ashes; unleavened bread and bitter herbs (haroseth) are eaten; four cups of wine are drunk before and after the repast, and a certain number of Psalms are recited.