60+ Foods That Start With the Letter A

Updated May 27, 2021
açaí berry letter a food
    açaí berry letter a food
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Can you think of many foods that start with “a,” or do you get stuck after “apple”? There are lots of appetizing and appealing foods that start with the first letter of the alphabet. Keep reading for a list of more than 60 foods that start with the letter “a.”

Healthy Foods That Start With A

There are lots of healthy options on the menu for A words! Many of these foods are fruits and vegetables, while others appear in different food groups. Take a look at these nutritious foods that start with “a” and see how many you eat every day.

  • abalone – type of shellfish (sea snails) similar to clams
  • açaí berry – small, grape-sized purple fruit that grows on the açaí palm tree
  • acorn squash – winter squash shaped like a large acorn
  • ahi tuna – yellowfin tuna used in raw fish dishes such as sushi or sashimi
  • akee (or ackee) – large tropical fruit used in many Caribbean and West African dishes
  • albacore tuna – longfin tuna commonly found in canned tuna dishes
  • alfalfa sprouts – freshly germinated alfalfa seeds that add nutrients to sandwiches and salads
  • almonds – edible almond tree seeds that can be roasted or eaten raw
  • amanatsu – hybrid citrus fruit native to Japan
  • anchovies – small fish often added to pizzas, salads and sauces
  • angus beef – popular type of beef from the Angus cattle breed
  • apples – edible fruit from an apple tree that comes in many varieties
  • apricots – small stone fruit native to Armenia and domesticated around the world
  • artichoke – round vegetable that comes from the flower bud of the artichoke plant
  • arugula – leafy green vegetable often found in salads and sandwiches
  • asparagus – edible shoots of the asparagus plant
  • avocado – stone fruit with soft green flesh under tough black skin

Snack Foods Beginning With A

Sometimes you want a quick snack in the middle of the day. Here are some fast and yummy snack foods that begin with “a.”

  • almond butter – spread made from ground almonds that can replace peanut butter
  • American cheese – processed cheese that melts easily
  • animal crackers – sweet cracker in the shape of an animal
  • apple juice – fruit juice made from pressing apples and added sugar
  • applesauce – sweetened sauce made from apples and sugar
  • arrowroot cookies – cookies made with flour processed from the arrowroot plant
arrowroot cookies a food word
    arrowroot cookies a food word
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Gourmet Foods That Begin With A

When you read a menu at a restaurant, you may encounter some unfamiliar words. Check out these fancy and gourmet foods that you might order one day.

  • agrodolce – tangy Italian sauce made with reduced sugar and vinegar
  • aioli – gourmet sauce with salt, olive oil, garlic, and other ingredients
  • alfredo sauce – Italian pasta sauce made with heavy cream
  • aligot – French dish that blends cheese into mashed potatoes
  • andouillette – French sausage containing pork intestines and tripe
  • añejo cheese – Mexican cheese made from goat’s milk
  • antipasto – cured meats and olives served as the first course of an Italian meal
  • apple sausage – chicken sausage that includes pieces of apples in its casing
  • asiago cheese – aged Italian cheese from cow’s milk
asiago cheese a food letter
    asiago cheese a food letter
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Dishes Starting With A

There are lots of delicious dishes around the world that begin with “a.” Take a trip around the culinary world with these side dishes and main dishes that start with “a.”

  • abgoosht – Iranian stew with lamb, chickpeas, onion, and beans
  • adobo – Filipino chicken preparation marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and spices
  • aep mu – Thai dish of egg, pork and herbs roasted in a banana leaf
  • albóndigas – Mexican meatballs, usually served in albóndigas soup
  • aloo gobi – vegetarian dish from India with stewed potatoes and cauliflower in spinach sauce
  • alphabet soup – tomato soup that includes vegetables and alphabet-shaped noodles
  • apáki – Greek dish that includes smoked pork loin and herbs
  • arancini – Italian rice balls that are deep fried and served with meat sauce
  • asopao – paella with a souplike consistency from Puerto Rico with chicken, ham and rice
  • avocado toast – toast topped with avocado, alfalfa sprouts, lemon, and other toppings
  • axoa – Basque meal made with veal, onions and tomatoes
asopao letter a food
    asopao letter a food
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Desserts That Start With A

Time for dessert! These sweet samplings all start with A and are all scrumptious.

  • abnabat – Persian hard candy that comes in various flavors
  • agave syrup – natural sweetener sometimes used in place of cane sugar or corn syrup
  • ambrosia – fruit salad that includes miniature marshmallows, heavy cream and coconut
  • amygdalopita – Greek nut cake made with almonds and cream
  • andagi – sweet donut from Okinawa, Japan
  • angel food cake – spongy cake made with egg whites and flour
  • anmitsu – Japanese dessert that contains agar jelly, fruit juice and bean paste
  • apas – sugary cookies from the Philippines
  • apfelkuchen – apple cake made in Germany
  • apple pie – pastry made from cooked apples inside a pie crust
  • ashure – Turkish pudding with dried fruits and nuts
  • asida – doughy dessert from North Africa that is served with butter or honey
ashure letter a food
    ashure letter a food
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Drinks That Begin With A

Every good meal must come to an end. Choose one of these drinks that start with an “a” to end the perfect meal in a satisfactory way.

  • ade – juice made from a citrus fruit (e.g. lemonade, limeade)
  • Albariño – white wine from Spain and Portugal
  • ale – beer brewed without hops
  • almond milk – drink made from blending and draining almonds
  • amaretto – Italian liqueur typically served in the dessert course of a meal
  • Americano – coffee drink consisting of espresso and hot water
  • Amontillado – sherry wine from Spain
  • Arnold Palmer – mixture of iced tea and lemonade
  • atole – warm Mexican drink made from corn flour
atole letter a food
    atole letter a food
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Create an A+ Vocabulary

Once you’ve chosen which A foods you’d like to eat today, keep the alphabetical conversation going. Bring positive words that start with "a" into your vocabulary, and describe people, places and things with adjectives that start with "a" as well. Then, head over to WordFinder by YourDictionary for a full list of words that begin with "a." There’s nothing like having a vocabulary list that’s all A’s! When you’ve finished with "a" words and foods, explore other letters of the alphabet like foods starting with "s" or foods that start with “u.”