Sentence Examples

  • There are a number of Iron Man options in the site's Halloween section, including the helmet, arc reactor (that's the heart, for those not familiar with the lingo), the mask and the armor itself.
  • Dating Resources and Tips: This category is very broad, covering all types of dating topics, from preparing for Blind Dates to finding Prison Pen Pals, to understanding chatroom lingo so you don't get yourself into trouble.
  • This site also includes a helpful glossary of terms so parents who aren't familiar with Internet lingo can understand what chat rooms, Internet Service Providers, instant messages, and bulletin board systems are.
  • Aside from the terms above, it is also common practice when using lingo to substitute single numbers or letters for homophonic words - for example, "How R U?" instead of "How are you?" or "Nice 2 C U 2day."
  • For some people, listening to rap lyrics is quite the exercise, not only because they may not be familiar with all the lingo -- what's a grill or a shorty? -- but also because the words come out so quickly.