Sentence Examples

  • This " pleasurable good-will," when the moral judgment relates to a man's own actions, becomes " the testimony of a good conscience - the purest and most valuable of all human enjoyments."
  • He owes his position to the good-will of his fellows, receives no remuneration, and resigns as soon as he loses the confidence of the people.
  • No successor of Chrysostom was likely to receive much good-will from the nephew and successor of Theophilus of Alexandria.
  • Mason and Pierre Soule in issuing the Ostend Manifesto in 1854, he retained the good-will of the South."
  • The substance of the relations between the emperor and himself, he declared, rested on mutual good-will, and added: "I must lay it down most emphatically that the prerogative of the emperor's personal initiative must not be curtailed, and will not be curtailed, by any chancellor..