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followed, following, follows
followed, following, follows
To come or go after.
Webster's New World
To go after in order to catch; chase; pursue.
Webster's New World
To go along.
Follow the right road.
Webster's New World
To keep under surveillance.
The agent followed the suspect around town.
American Heritage
To move in the direction of; be guided by.
Followed the sun westward; followed the signs to the zoo.
American Heritage
The act of following.
Webster's New World
A shot that imparts a forward spin to the cue ball so that it continues rolling in the same direction after striking the object ball.
Webster's New World
as follows
  • As will be stated next. Used to introduce a specified enumeration, explanation, or command.
American Heritage
follow (one's) nose
  • To move straight ahead or in a direct path.
  • To be guided by instinct:

    had no formal training but became a success by following his nose.

American Heritage
follow suit
  • To play a card of the same suit as the one led.
  • To do as another has done; follow an example.
American Heritage
as follows
  • as will next be told or explained
Webster's New World
follow out
  • to carry out fully or completely
Webster's New World

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Origin of Follow

  • From Middle English folwen, folgen from Old English folġian, fylgan 'to follow, pursue', from Proto-Germanic *fulgijaną. Compare West Frisian folgje, Dutch volgen, German folgen, Danish følge, Swedish följa. More at folk. See also full.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English folowen from Old English folgian

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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