Sentence Examples

  • Yes, the bikini top is done in a daringly bold animal print, plunges down to there, and then suggestively ties in the front with just a fluff of string, but the bottom of this bikini is downright girlish!
  • Kitten to adulthood: It is important to pick a name that will sound as good to you when your kitten has grown into a full-sized, sleek, adult cat as it does when he is a little bundle of fluff.
  • Some die-hard Sonic fans have been disappointed with some of the added "fluff" of erroneous dialog, annoying characters that tag along with you, and an overkill of unnecessary video clips.
  • Items such as bittersweet chocolate, guacamole, strained carrots, spaghetti sauce, marshmallow fluff, ground up saltines, and the like work well for the harmless "ew" factor.
  • The nautical star adds even more edge and less fluff to the typical star design, so be sure to consider this symbol if you want an alternative to the typical star tattoo.