Sentence Examples

  • When cold, froth can be immediately dissipated by adding a few drops of ether.
  • Anger and humiliation boiled up inside her and spilled over in a froth of rage.
  • The froth of soap-suds or beaten-up eggs consists of a multitude of small films which meet each other at angles of I 20°.
  • Goats are mostly bred in the mountainous districts all along the Spanish side of the Pyrenees froth Biscay to Catalonia, and in Badajoz, Cceres, Ciudad Real, Granada and Leon; swine in Badajoz, Lugo, Oviedo, Cceres and Corunna.
  • A cold lump of ore chills the slag immediately around it, just where its oxygen, reacting on the carbon of the metal, generates carbonic oxide; the slag becomes cool, viscous, and hence easily made to froth, just where the froth-causing gas is evolved.