Sentence Examples

  • In his day, Shakespeare was low-brow entertainment for the common class.
  • "It was entertainment for a rainy day," I offered.
  • And further, we must always remember that entertainment and aesthetic effect were at most subsidiary objects.
  • In the Old Town still remain a few specimens of eighteenth century architecture, including several old-fashioned post-houses, which used to furnish entertainment for travellers starting for the Middle West by way of the old Cumberland Road beginning at Fort Cumberland, and from Baltimore to Fort Cumberland by a much older turnpike.
  • The fields and places of entertainment in Islington were favourite places of resort for the citizens of London in the 17th century and later; the modern Ball's Pond Road recalls the sport of duck-hunting practised here and on other ponds in the parish, and the popularity of the place was increased by the discovery of chalybeate wells.