Sentence Examples

  • In 1904 official estimates, based on immigration and emigration returns and upon registered births and deaths, both of which are admittedly defective, showed a population increased to 5,410,028, and a small diminution in the rate of annual increase from 1895 to 1904 as compared with 18.69-1895.
  • The population of towns over 100,000 is given in the following table according to the estimates for 1906.
  • Except in regard to an increase of the army estimates, urgently demanded by public opinion, the new ministry had practically no programme.
  • The following approximate figures are taken from the American Jewish Year-Book for1909-1910and are based on similar estimates in the English Jewish Year-Book, the Jewish Encyclopedia, Nossig's Jiidische Statistik and the Reports of the Alliance Israelite Universelle.
  • According to these estimates the total Jewish population of the world in the year named was approximately 11,500,000.