Sentence Examples

  • The grammatical form of shabbath suggests a transitive sense, "the divider," and apparently indicates the Sabbath as dividing the month.
  • The ratio of representation in the Senate is obtained by dividing the total population of the state by thirty-five, the ratio in the House by dividing the population by one hundred.
  • The wall dividing the orchard from the city was the first thing she didn't remember.
  • It is intersected from southwest to north-east by the long and handsome KOnigsstrasse, dividing it into an upper and a lower town.
  • In Victoria the greatest elevation is reached in the peaks of Mount Bogong (6508 ft.) and Mount Feathertop (6303 ft.), both of which lie north of the Dividing Range; in the main range Mount Hotham (6100 ft.) and Mount Cobberas (6025 ft.) are the highest summits.