Sentence Examples

  • (After coralline may be regarded as a form of Moseley.) hydroid colony in which the coenosarc forms a felt-work ramifying in all planes, and in which the chitinous perisarc is replaced by a massive calcareous skeleton.
  • The coenosarc may consist of a single elongated tube or stolon, forming the stem or axis of the cormus on which, usually, the appendages are arranged in groups termed cormidia; or it may take the form of a compact mass of ramifying, anastomosing tubes, in which case the cormus as a whole has a compact form and cormidia are not distinguishable.
  • It constitutes practically the exterior environment of the protoplasts, though it is ramifying through the interior of the plant.
  • This is secured by the development of much larger intercellular spaces, amounting to lacun~e or passages of very considerable size, which are found ramifying in different ways in their interior.
  • Zone, and they themselves produce other buds, so that a ramifying colony is created.

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