Sentence Examples

  • Arising at intermediate places, and as these will not usually lie exactl y on the direct line, deviations from straightness will be rendered necessary.
  • This coefficient is sometimes called the " angular coefficient," and may be regarded as a measure of the deviations from Boyle's law, 'which may be most simply expressed at moderate pressures by formulating the variation of the angular coefficient with temperature.
  • Gassendi, with some deviations, follows Epicurus in his theory of the formation of the world.
  • Limit of the forests, which closely follows the coastline, with deviations towards the N.
  • Whatever the specific rotation, there may in practice be deviations from the plan of retaining on the farm the whole of the root-crops, the straw of the grain crops and the leguminous fodder crops (clover, vetches, sainfoin, &c.) for the production of meat or milk, and, coincidently, for that of manure to be returned to the land.