Sentence Examples

  • While it's true that the majority of yoga gurus and students were male, Indra Devi was a primary exception.
  • Iyengar, his first female student, Indra Devi, and his star pupil, Sri K.
  • DURGA, or Devi (Sanskrit for inaccessible), in Hindu mythology, the wife of Siva and daughter of Himavat (the Himalayas).
  • Though they themselves trace their origin to seven Mahommedan tribes, Hindus appear to have been associated with them at an early period; at any rate, their religious creed and practices as stanch worshippers of Kali (Devi, Durga), the Hindu goddess of destruction, had certainly no flavour of Islam in them.
  • 1396-1407 The Durga Devi famine in India, lasting twelve years.