Sentence Examples

  • Omar did not deviate from that line of conduct.
  • Clausius (1850), applying the same assumption, deduced the same value of F'(t), and showed that it was consistent with the mechanical theory and Joule's experiments, but required that a vapour like steam should deviate more considerably from the gaseous laws than was at that time generally admitted.
  • Legendre's second memoir was communicated to the Academie in 1784, and relates to the conditions of equilibrium of a mass of rotating fluid in the form of a figure of revolution which does not deviate much from a sphere.
  • If the pressure on the lead is uniformly varying, the centre of pressure must be within the middle third of the width of the lead; that is, it cannot deviate from the centre of the voussoir -- Scale of Feet 50 100 200 300 FIG.
  • It is considered to be an extinct volcano because it makes the plumb-line deviate only 7" to 8", from which it is deduced that the mountain is hollow.