Sentence Examples

  • Once in the environment, they migrate through the water table, and can contaminate municipal water supplies, poison fish in local lakes, and damage the delicate balance of nature in our parks, wildlife refuges and neighborhoods.
  • Phosphorus can leach out of soil and contaminate water, leading to decreased water quality and harming the creatures that live in the water.
  • Factories and industrial sites often contaminate the soil with hazardous chemicals, and waste treatment plants, landfills, and septic systems leach contaminants into the soil that are both chemical and organic toxins.
  • Like any plastic product, PVC yoga mats can contaminate the immediate environment long before they are thrown out at the dump; breathing in plastic fumes, for example, is not an ideal complement to yogic breathing.
  • The one feature of this kit that may concern some users is the test stick does not come with a cap, which means extra care must be taken not to contaminate the results or leave urine on a flat surface.