Sentence Examples

  • All impurities do not act in a similar way.
  • This result he considered to be due, not to any removal of impurities, but to an actual splitting-up of the yttrium molecule into its constituents, and he ventured to draw the provisional conclusion that the so-called simple bodies are in reality compound molecules, at the same time suggesting that all the elements have been produced by a process of evolution from one primordial stuff or "protyle."
  • Ferric hydrate, iron soaps and all insoluble impurities are precipitated.
  • The rubber is usually dark in colour and is often contaminated with proteid impurities derived from the latex.
  • In the deposition of gold the colour of the deposit is influenced by the presence of impurities in the solution; when copper is present, some is deposited with the gold, imparting to it a reddish colour, whilst a little silver gives it a greenish shade.