Sentence Examples

  • Sully in his Economies royales attributes to his master the "great design" of constituting, after having defeated Austria, a vast European confederation of fifteen states - a "Christian Republic" - directed by a general council of sixty deputies reappointed every three years.
  • (France), which some historians regard merely as the fantastic idea of a visionary, was probably a scheme of his great minister Sully to avert by a federation the conflict which he probably foresaw would break out sooner or later between Catholic and Protestant Europe, and which, in fact, broke out some fifteen years later in the Thirty Years' War.
  • This restaurant, whose history dates back as far as 1790 when an Italian pizza chef named Vichenzo settled down at Frankfort to build his own pizza businesses and one of his sons named Sully built his own pizzeria, which sells amazing pizza.
  • His fate has been commemorated in numerous plays, pictures and poems, notably in the fine epilogue of Sully Prudhomme, the Stello of A.
  • The seigneurs of Bethune, avoues (advocati) of the great abbey of Saint-Vaast at Arras from the I 1 th century, were the ancestors of a great French house whence sprang the dukes of Sully, Charost, Orval, and Ancenis; the marquises of Rosny, Courville and Chabris; the counts of Selles and the princes of Boisbelle and Henrichemont.