Sully Definition

sullied, sullies, sullying
sullied, sullies, sullying
To become sullied.
Webster's New World
To soil, stain, tarnish, or besmirch, now esp. by disgracing.
Webster's New World
To defile; taint.
Sully a reputation.
American Heritage
He did not wish to sully his reputation with an ill-mannered comment.
(intransitive) To become soiled or tarnished.
A stain or tarnish; defilement.
Webster's New World
  • thomas sully
  • Duc de Sully
  • Maxmilien de Bethune

Origin of Sully

  • From Middle English sulien (also sulwen), from Old English sylian (“to sully, soil, pollute"), from Proto-Germanic *suliwōnÄ…, *sulwōnÄ…, *sulwijanÄ… (“to sully, make dirty"), from Proto-Indo-European *sÅ«l- (“thick liquid, muck"). Cognate with Old Saxon sulian (“to sully"), Middle Dutch soluwen (“to sully"), German sühlen (“to sully"), Danish søle (“to sully"), Swedish söla (“to sully"). Perhaps conflated partially with Old French souillier ("to soil";> French souiller), from the same Germanic source. Related also to Old English solian (“to soil, become defiled, make or become foul"). More at soil.

    From Wiktionary

  • Probably from French souiller from Old French soil2

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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