Sentence Examples

  • Not the long deep sobs of earlier, but a cleansing cry.
  • She grabbed the moisturizer and its cleansing counterpart and eye moisturizer.
  • Each cleansing lick from the doe nearly knocked them off their feet, but they staggered close to her for more nourishment.
  • Mitted to them - as the construction of roads, the cleansing of the sewers and the maintenance of the aqueducts.
  • The heat at which the syrup boils in the clarifiers, 220° F., has the property of separating a great deal of the gum still remaining in it, and thus cleansing the solution of sugar and water for crystallization in the vacuum pans; and if after skimming the syrup is run into separators or subsiders of any description, and allowed to settle down and cool before being drawn into the vacuum pan for crystallization, this cleansing process will be more thorough and the quality of the final product will be improved.