Sentence Examples

  • But it was only a pair of shoes, fastidiously wrapped in newspaper to pre­vent them from soiling the fabric.
  • From the third edition of Hartlib's Legacie we learn that clover was cut green and given to cattle; and it appears that this practice of soiling, as it is now called, had become very common about the beginning of the 18th century, wherever clover was cultivated.
  • Rye is perhaps more largely grown as a green crop to be fed off by sheep, or cut green for soiling, in the spring months.
  • The careless gathering of dead leaves and twigs, and the soiling of the cotton by earth or by the natural colouring matter from the bolls, injure the quality.
  • Occasionally it is carried to the homestead, and used with other forage in carrying out the system of soiling cattle.