Sentence Examples

  • If you are seeking employment specific to the cleanup of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, your first course of action should be to call the toll-free BP volunteer and job information hotline at 866-448-5816.
  • Every situation will be different, meaning that those who want to seek employment to work in the cleanup efforts may find it challenging to find out exactly what needs to be done to get involved.
  • Don't worry about a messy cleanup, these diapers are designed for convenience and will stay snug until you are in a position to rinse them out in the commode and then wash the diaper.
  • Regardless of who is funding their efforts, they may need to hire skilled oil recovery workers as well as locals who are willing and able to participate in cleanup efforts.
  • While you may still have some classic beach issues to deal with, such as sand in the swimsuit, you can nonetheless cut down on the amount of cleanup at the end of the day.