Sentence Examples

  • The mandarins alsowear certain insignia embroidered on their official robes, and have girdle clasps of different material.
  • Sometimes painting is introduced into these panels and lacquer and metal clasps are added to the ribs.
  • The badge is a green enamel cross with gold clasps in the angles; in the central medallion an enamelled representation of the ruined castle of Zdhringen.
  • The oldest codes of the laws and customs of the land date from 1409 and 1 585, the original MS. of the latter (called the "Silver Book" from its silver clasps) being still used in Inner Rhoden when, at the close of the annual Landsgemeinde, the newly elected Landammann first takes the oath of office, and the assembled members then take that of obedience to him, in either case with uplifted right hands.
  • The sight of fetters being forbidden him, his toga was not allowed to be tied in a knot but was fastened by means of clasps, and the only kind of ring permitted to be worn on his finger was a broken one.