Sentence Examples

  • They are now all regarded as varieties or forms of the common hoop-petticoat, N.
  • There are also iron bar, hoop and wire works, tool, soap, glass and chemical works, foundries and cotton mills.
  • In the friction-clutch, a pulley loose on a shaft has a hoop or gland made to embrace it more or less tightly by means of a screw; this hoop has short projecting arms or ears.
  • A touch of the finger will then often reduce them to quiet; but if the hoop be expanded, the included grease is so far attenuated as to lose its effect.
  • At first it was known by the Dutch simply as the "fuyck" (hoop), from the curve in the river at this point, whence was soon derived the name Beverfuyck or Beverwyck.