Sentence Examples

  • Country line dancing is supposed to be fun and carefree, so by all means use step sheets when possible, but don't be afraid to put your own spin and style into your dancing at all times.
  • The teens in the series try to come across as confident and carefree, but as the season progresses viewers get a better look into their stylish lives and see that it often lacks substance.
  • Although most women don't want to forgo makeup in the summer months, heavy cosmetics and length applications just don't flow well with the carefree summer vibe and the hotter temperatures.
  • For those with medium to long locks, a wonderful trendy summer haircut styling option is to tie your long layers into loose braids and ponytails for a carefree and beach-friendly look.
  • Because Oscar dresses are just as subject to trends as other items of clothing, some years will find more subdued fashions are popular (such as soon after 9/11), while other years are more daring and carefree.