Sentence Examples

  • Although summer calls to mind a more casual lifestyle, you can be just as chic and elegant during this freewheeling season full of backyard barbeques and beach escapades as you can be any other time of year.
  • While hippie culture started the freewheeling styles of eclectic outfits and flowers and colors for men, 70s glam fashion had its basis, however distant, in genuine old-fashioned glamour.
  • Not everyone adopted this freewheeling style -- it was generally regarded as loose and uninhibited, not a style that fit in with some of the more repressive aspects of the time.
  • Disaster Transport at Cedar Point is a rare type of roller coaster where the ride vehicles run along a bobsled-style track and deliver a freewheeling ride experience.
  • Bobsled: A bobsled coaster is one that runs along a freewheeling trough rather than a set of track rails.