Bring Definition

bringing, brings, brought
bringing, brings, brought
To carry or lead (a person or thing) to the place thought of as “here” or to a place where the speaker will be.
Bring it to my house tomorrow.
Webster's New World
To carry as an attribute or contribution.
You bring many years of experience to your new post.
American Heritage
To lead, persuade, or influence along a course of action or belief.
Webster's New World
To lead or force into a specified state, situation, or location.
Bring the water to a boil; brought the meeting to a close.
American Heritage
To sell for.
Eggs bring a high price today.
Webster's New World

The sound of a telephone ringing.

bring down the house
  • To win overwhelming approval from an audience.
American Heritage
bring home
  • To make perfectly clear:

    a lecture that brought home several important points.

American Heritage
bring home the bacon
  • To earn a living, especially for a family.
  • To achieve desired results; have success.
American Heritage
bring to bear
  • To exert; apply:

    bring pressure to bear on the student's parents.

  • To put (something) to good use:
American Heritage
bring to light
  • To reveal or disclose:

    brought the real facts to light.

American Heritage

Origin of Bring

  • From Middle English bringen, from Old English bringan (“to bring, lead, bring forth, carry, adduce, produce, present, offer”), from Proto-Germanic *bringaną (“to bring”) (compare West Frisian bringe, Low German bringen, Dutch brengen, German bringen), from Proto-Indo-European *bhrenk (compare Welsh he-brwng (“to bring, lead”), Tocharian B pränk (“to take away; restrain oneself, hold back”), Albanian brengë (“worry, anxiety, concern”), Latvian brankti (“lying close”), Lithuanian branktas (“whiffletree”)).

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English bringen from Old English bringan bher-1 in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Onomatopeia

    From Wiktionary

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