Sentence Examples

  • Hot showers sound great, but wreak havoc on your skin: According to, taking a hot shower or bath will break down the lipid barrier in your skin and make it easier for your skin to lose its moisture.
  • Not only can the sun damage the hair cuticle from excessive unprotected exposure, it can also wreak havoc on color-treated tresses, as it fades and changes the overall tone of haircolor from frequent exposure.
  • Consider a soft wall surface: Hard walls that are all the same length can wreak havoc on sound quality because the sound bounces around from hard surface to hard surface, creating reverberation and harsh noise.
  • Unrequited love could wreak havoc on a conscience.
  • Many notorious bad characters had managed to creep into posts of influence and used their position to wreak personal vengeance or to enrich themselves at the expense of the public or the public treasury.