Sentence Examples

  • It was suppressed in an hour's time by the tsar's troops, of whom only one man was mortally wounded; and the horrible vengeance (September - October 1698) which Peter on his return to Russia wreaked upon the captive musketeers was due not to any actual fear of these antiquated warriors, but to his consciousness that behind them stood the reactionary majority of the nation who secretly sympathized with, though they durst not assist, the rebels.
  • Meanwhile Osman Digna, who had fled from Kufit to Kassala, wreaked his vengeance upon the unhappy captives at Kassala.
  • The founder of the dynasty was Alauddin, chief of Ghor, whose vengeance for the cruel death of his brother at the hands of Bahram the Ghaznevide was wreaked in devastating the great city.
  • Kiki didn't have a chance to answer before the wooden door to their prison creaked open.  Rhyn's head spun as he was hauled up and dragged into a well-lit hallway.  Light and shadows wreaked havoc on his sense of place and time until he hit the cool stone floor again.
  • The campaign that followed, after some initial reverses, culminated in the crushing victory of the allies at Leipzig (October 1618, 1813),and was succeeded by the joint invasion of France, during which the German troops wreaked vengeance on the unhappy population for the wrongs and violences of the French rule in Germany.