Sentence Examples

  • Children are especially at higher risk for sunburns, and protecting their delicate skin now will cut down on their risk of skin cancer later in life; multiple blistering sunburns during childhood increases the cancer risk as a person ages.
  • Beyond this debate however is the fact that these nightgowns are incredibly practical, particularly when you live in a climate that is no stranger to blistering, falling temperatures.
  • Also, according to the NNDIC, between 15 to 20 percent of celiac sufferers experience no digestive symptoms at all, but instead display a pernicious and blistering rash across their body called Dermatitis Herpetiformis.
  • Solid awnings are great for keeping the sun's blistering rays from entering the home in the summertime, but they also prevent the sun's warming rays from getting through in the wintertime.
  • Keep in mind that a severe sunburn should not be treated exclusively at home and may require a visit to the doctor, especially if it's accompanied by nausea, chills, or blistering.