Sentence Examples

  • Everyone believed that the now 15-year-old child star had her feet solidly planted in recovery, but just a short time later, Drew began abusing drugs again and in 1989, attempted suicide by slashing her wrists.
  • While the instruction manual from Nintendo is fairly comprehensive, there are hidden moves in Twilight Princess as well.By rolling then quickly slashing with the sword, you can perform a rolling stab.
  • Other combo abilities are available later in the game that will give you stronger attacks or combine some kind of energy blast along to enhance your slashing or hacking blows.
  • Drew's family and friends believed that she had hit the proverbial "rock bottom" after slashing her wrists and, once again, placed the troubled teen back into rehab.
  • Published in 2005, this book provides no-nonsense advice about dealing with credit card debt, getting the very best mortgage deals, slashing utility bills, and haggling with shopkeepers.