Sentence Examples

  • When you are hunting around online for designer clothes for kids, you will want to whittle down your search to cover either high-end labels or lower level brands that dominate the world of children's fashion.
  • In fact, because there are so many great musicals out there, starting from this perspective may actually whittle away some of your choices, and thus, make it easier to choose the best musical for your cast.
  • Whatever you see will work for your location; it's up to you to whittle down the choices based on what you need and want: picture and video capabilities, PDA functions, and so on.
  • Among them is the Miracle Vest, a cotton and rubber shaper that wraps around the midsection and works to whittle down the waistline, flatten the stomach and even lift the breasts.
  • If you make it past this stage you will likely go through several more rounds of interviews and testing processes as the producers whittle down the candidates to the final cast.