Sentence Examples

  • Albus, white), "whiteness," a word used principally in astronomy for the degree of reflected light; the light of the sun which is reflected from the moon is called the .albedo of the moon.
  • The late night storm had blown Wednesday's hazy whiteness east to New Jersey and the Atlantic beyond, leaving in its place a high pressure system, a sky painted deep blue and patched with just enough puffy clouds for contrast.
  • At four or five months they are lovely, as generally they retain their baby whiteness, which contrasts well with their almost black ears, deep-brown markings, and blue eyes."
  • When the waters evaporate in the summer they leave a clay bed of remarkable hardness, which is sometimes encrusted with saline matter of a snowy whiteness and dazzles the eyes of the traveller.
  • The lapis specularis of Pliny, scattered over the Circus Maximus to produce a shining whiteness, was probably mica.

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