Sentence Examples

  • Playfairii, when shaken with water forms a slight but permanent lather, and on this account is used by the Somali women for cleansing their hair, and by the men to whiten their shields; it is known as meena h¢rma in Bombay, and was formerly used there for the expulsion of the guinea-worm.
  • From the meaning of "top" or "head," as applied to a plant, herb or rower, comes the common use of the word for the produce of cereals or other cultivated plants, the wheat-crop, the cotton-crop and the like, and generally, "the crops"; more particular expressions are the "white-crop," for such grain crops as barley or wheat, which whiten as they grow ripe, and "green-crop" for such as roots or potatoes which do not, and also for those which are cut in a green state, like clover (see Agriculture).
  • At least he managed not to damage his newly whitened teeth.
  • He glanced to windward where the squall already whitened the near sea and heralded its coming with a singular and dismal sound.
  • The east had been gradually whitening, and we could now see some distance in the cold gray light.

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