Sentence Examples

  • It is remarkable for the whiteness of the bark.
  • Pliny speaks of the whiteness of its linen, and the productiveness of its vines is mentioned.
  • In the whiteness of its fur also, it shows such an assimilation in colour to that of surrounding nature as must be of considerable service in concealing it from its prey.
  • With the gas in excess a heavy lurid flame emitting dense volumes of smoke results, whilst if it be driven out in a sufficiently thin sheet, it burns with a flame of intense brilliancy and almost perfect whiteness, by the light of which colours can be judged as well as they can by daylight.
  • Albus, white), "whiteness," a word used principally in astronomy for the degree of reflected light; the light of the sun which is reflected from the moon is called the .albedo of the moon.