Sentence Examples

  • During the period when the hair or wig was worn "powdered" or whitened, houses had a special room set apart for the process, known as the powdering-room or closet.
  • The absence of the ordinary bright green colours of vegetation is another peculiarity of this flora, almost all the plants having glaucous or whitened stems. Foliage is reduced to a minimum, the moisture of the plant being stored up in massive or fleshy stems against the long-continued drought.
  • Cap. 2), is very similar to Caesariano's - a darkened room, a pyramidal aperture towards the sun, and a whitened wall or white paper screens, but no lens.
  • If whitened, the loss in bulk and in rejection being two-thirds, this would produce about 44 bolts, which at £30 per load of 80 bolts, the appreciated market value of 1907, would be worth £16, ios.
  • Special care must be exercised that the mulch be not left on too long; the plants should not become whitened or " drawn."