Sentence Examples

  • Side being the one chosen for a reason we cannot now fathom; it may be that fixation was facilitated by the presence of the pore on that side, and by the utilization of the excretion from it as a cement.
  • Locusts devour all before them; caterpillars defoliate plant, and necessitate the premature utilization of its reserves; other insects (e.g.
  • They involve high cost in fuel and labour, but permit the utilization of the waste gases.
  • They depended mainly on the utilization of natural air currents, trusting for stability and balance to movements in their own bodies, or in portions of their machines which they could control.
  • On the Pacific coast of America, in New Zealand and in Japan a pilchard occurs (Clupea sagax) which in its characters and habits is so similar to the European pilchard that its general utilization is deserving of attention.

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