Sentence Examples

  • Lately, huge establishments have been constructed for the utilization of the power contained in the Rhone.
  • Zirconia, when heated to whiteness, remains unfused, and radiates a fine white light, which suggested its utilization for making incandescent gas mantles; and, in the form of disks, as a substitute for the lime-cylinders ordinarily employed in "limelight."
  • The soil in the valleys is volcanic and fertile, but the gradual utilization of natural timber increases the liability to drought, as there are no streams. The climate is variable and rainy.
  • The question of the utilization of water-power had engaged his attention even earlier, and in 1839 he invented an improved rotary water motor.
  • The materials of the native styles of India, however, did not lend themselves to their utilization as in Syria, Egypt and North Africa, where the columns and capitals formed the substructure of the arcades which surrounded their courts.