Sentence Examples

  • Part B outlines the new policy, which promotes sustainable agriculture, and Part C focuses on policy implementation.
  • According to HUD representatives, implementation has not come easily for the Fair Housing Act: 40 years of monitoring and reinforcing the law still results in many people still unlawfully being denied housing.
  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress recently reported in what has become known as the National Report Card, that the No Child Left Behind Act has failed to improve public school achievement since its implementation in 2002.
  • Other costs involved include the implementation of the program, writing a dress code for the workplace uniforms, and staff to follow-up and make sure the uniforms are being worn, fit properly, kept clean and replaced when needed.
  • While it is easy to understand why students would detest the implementation of school uniforms on campus, many people might be surprised to learn that some parents and teachers are against school uniforms as well.