Sentence Examples

  • In William's theory, the forcible conquest of England by strangers was an untoward accident.
  • This untoward disaster led to the abandonment of the expedition, which forthwith returned to Spain, bringing with them the news of the discovery of a fresh-water sea.
  • If something even more untoward than what the scene implied had actually occurred last evening, Dean would find himself squeezed between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
  • Besides, if you buy her story of years of happy marriage, it doesn't point to any untoward reason for Dawkins to seek her out before meeting her.
  • At the request of Kalnky, Mancini defined his proposal in a memorandum, but the illness of himself and Depretis, combined with an untoward discussion in the Italian press on the failure of the Austrian emperor to return in Rome King Humberts visit to Vienna, caused negotiations to drag.