Sentence Examples

  • Plato's logic supplies a theory of universals in the doctrine of ideas.
  • The more fully analysed movement, that which proceeds downward from less determinate to more determinate universals, is named Division.
  • On the other we have a stage at which the rational but as yet not reasoned concepts developed in the medium of the psychological mechanism are subjected to processes of reflective comparison and analysis, and, with some modification, maintained against challenge, till at length the ultimate universals emerge, which rational insight can posit as certain, and the whole hierarchy of concepts from the " first " universals to Ta apEA are intuited in a coherent system.
  • The individual is known in the e180s, which is also the first universal in which by analysis higher universals are discoverable.
  • It is in induction, which claims to start from particulars and end in universals, 2 that we must, if anywhere within the confines of logical inquiry, expect to find the required bridge.

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