Sentence Examples

  • In subsequent decades, the trope associated with these female robots continued to develop to include 21st century fictional accounts such as feminine robots like the Cylon Three, Six and Eight models in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.
  • Scientists and physicians saw nudism not as a return to Eden (although this trope certainly occurred in nudist writing), but as a path forward to a shining new modernity in which science, rather than superstition, would lead the way.
  • A twist on this trope is found in the NBC television series Chuck where the main character becomes the human computer known as Intersect, and must struggle against the Intersect’s ability to overwhelm his mind.
  • Moving from vampires to aliens, she turns the trope of "aliens among us" into interesting scifi through her skill at bringing the characters to life and making the reader care.
  • Whedon's work on Buffy created a pop cultural trope that influenced literature and television for years to come, including a burgeoning genre known as urban fantasy.