Sentence Examples

  • In truth, the raw information funneled to us was transmitted as received after passing through our office.
  • He sat in the only seat in the tiny craft, studying Ne'Rin, who transmitted from A'Ran's battle command center on the moon that was his interim home.
  • Afford, he had all the time been lecturing on the various branches of philosophy according to the scheme of academical instruction transmitted from his predecessors.
  • It must not be held to imply that one nation imitates the course pursued by another, nor that the points of resemblance between them are transmitted by tradition from one to the other, but merely that all are subject to one law, inasmuch as this is based on the human nature common to all alike.
  • He held that every fermentation consisted of molecular motion which is transmitted from a substance in a state of chemical motion - that is, of decomposition - to other substances, the elements of which are loosely held together.

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