Sentence Examples

  • The state revenue is derived from customs; from public works and public land; from indirect taxes in the shape of stamp, inheritance, beer, spirit, petroleum and other duties; from direct taxes on land and buildings, with road-tolls, licences for the sale of alcohol and traders' registration fees; from the tobacco, salt, match, playing-card and cigarette-paper monopolies; and from the postal, telegraphic and telephonic services.
  • There is also a telephonic service, the longest line being from Harrar to the capital.
  • Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 invented the speaking telephone, and Edison and Elisha Gray in the United States followed almost immediately with other telephonic inventions for electrically transmitting speech.
  • Nicaragua joined the postal union in 1882, and the western provinces have a fairly complete telegraphic and telephonic system.
  • There is a complete telegraphic and telephonic service.

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