Sentence Examples

  • The solution of this tele- problem was attempted by Dr J.
  • Ical tele- Two disks of thin metal, or two stretched membranes, each furnished with a mouthpiece, are connected together by a thin string or wire attached at each end to the centres of the membranes.
  • 184,551,000 Posts and tele graphs 41,665,100 Forests and agri cultural dues.
  • Tele), a variety of duck, whose name is of uncertain origin, but doubtless cognate with the Dutch Taling (formerly Talingh and Telingh), and this apparently with the Scandinavian Atteling-And (Briinnich, Ornithol.
  • Sions be secured of such faint objects as nebulae, tele scopic comets, and the immense majority of stars, or of the dim ranges of stellar and nebular spectra.

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