Sentence Examples

  • 38 6), the insulated wires or plates being upheld by masts, its operation is as follows: - When the key in the primary circuit of the induction coil is pressed the transmitting antenna wire is alternately charged to a high potential and discharged with the production of high frequency oscillations in it.
  • All of them couple the transmitting antenna directly or inductively to a capacity-inductive circuit serving as a storage of energy, and all of them create thereby electric waves of the same type moving over the earth's surface with the magnetic force of the wave parallel to it.
  • This transmitting plant was completed in December 1901, and Marconi then crossed the Atlantic to Newfoundland and began to make experiments to ascertain if he could detect the waves emitted by it.
  • Marconi, however, gave in 1906 the first really practical solution of the problem by the use of bent transmitting and receiving antennae.
  • Bellini and Tosi, who have devised instruments, called radiogonimeters, for projecting radiation in required directions and locating the azimuth of a transmitting station.

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